Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay - Things You Need to Know in 2022

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two peas in a pod when it comes to functionalities. The only difference between the two is the platform. You can only use Android Auto on an Android smartphone, so you can't use Android Auto on iPhones. Similarly, Apple CarPlay only supports iPhones.

Android app developers and iOS app developers have always outperformed each other. Given the history of rivalry between the two tech giants, the infotainment industry is no different.

Both of these are infotainments systems that are available for modern cars. You might need to check the compatibility of a car before committing to it. Essentially, their job is to provide safe infotainment to drives while being on the road.

Since many accidents occur due to drivers being distracted for as short as a second, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay provide apps in your cars that make driving easier. For example, many drivers used Google Maps to navigate to their destination earlier which caused serious road accidents as well.

These two tech giants entered the automotive industry with their infotainment gadgets to provide drivers with all applications. Using these, drivers can safely navigate on their car tablet screens and perform functions that they want without being distracted.

Let’s talk about how these devices work. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay mirror your phone screens directly to the infotainment screen in your car. When you connect them to your car, you can use features such as phone dialing, music streaming, navigation, calendar, etc. Further, you can also use other useful apps such as podcasts in your infotainment system to listen to while driving.

Calling them lifesavers would be fair since they provide additional comfort to drivers, entertainment, road safety, and quick navigation. In this article, we’ll look into the different trends in both of these infotainment devices for 2022. We’ll cover everything you can expect with the latest updates.

Let’s dive right into it!

Android Auto – Trends in 2022

To use Android Auto you need a car that is compatible within and has built-in Google support. Even though Google maintained long silence, in 2022 Google came back with Android Auto’s exciting updates and features that are sure to leave you surprised.

Unlock Your Car from Your Android Phone

Android Auto announced the update of the digital car key which will be available through Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel phone. You can lock and unlock your car from your mobile device without even taking your phone out. Further, you can even start your car with the innovative digital car key from Google.

In the upcoming months, all devices that support Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology will be able to use this digital car key on the condition that your car is compatible. You can easily check for compatibility and make sure you’re investing in the infotainment system only when your car is capable of using it. With this feature, you can share your digital car key with trusted family members and friends.

Wireless Connection

Even though the wireless connection is maintained between your car and your phone (Android 11 and more), the number of cars that are compatible with this system is very small. Only a handful of cars as of 2022 are supporting Android Auto even though Google plans to change this and provide compatibility for most modern vehicles in the future.

Less supported cars mean that most drivers have to rely on good old-fashioned wires to stay connected behind the wheels. Hopefully, we’ll see increased compatibility with future updates.

With a wireless connection provided by Android Auto, you can take the media with you on the road. With a voice recognition facility, you can pause and play songs with a simple voice command. Further, you can even open an audiobook to keep you company while you’re driving – the possibilities are endless.

More Powerful Apps

Android Auto is gearing up with more powerful apps for users. Google is planning to bring Lyft and Kakao apps. Both of these apps can help mobility drivers and make their lives easier. Lyft and Kakao are both pretty famous apps and are a great value addition to Android Auto’s infotainment system. The goal is simple, more convenient, and more useful apps.

Volvo Cars

Google is partnering up with Volvo this year. There will be seriously cool updates coming from the Android Auto front. Selected upcoming Volvo cars will have Google technology built-in which will give you options to download cool apps such as:

- Sygic

- Flitsmeister

- ChargePoint

- PlugShare

- SpotHero

- ParkWhiz

All of these apps will be downloaded from a special edition of the Play Store which will be included in the infotainment systems of selected Volvo cars. Android Auto vs Apple CarPlay is a never-ending debate however, Android Auto is looking to take the lead in the infotainment business with these amazing updates hitting later this year.

Further, The Volvo cars that have Google technology will also be able to play YouTube videos without the need of pressing any buttons. So you can let your voice control the infotainment while you are occupied on the road with 100% attention.

Voice Control Car Remote

The voice assistance in Android Auto is getting a cool upgrade. Now all ‘select’ Volvo cars will be able to use the remote car control option. With this, you can control your car from your smart home. Although it’s not possible to drive the vehicle from a distance, you can still perform many cool actions such as, locking and unlocking your car, warming up the engine, and cooling down the engine from a considerable distance.

For now, not many cars can avail of these cool functions; however, somewhere down the line, there will an expansion to more cars and more brands being added to this list. Then, the majority of owners of modern cars could enjoy this futuristic upgrade.

Apple CarPlay – Trends in 2022

Apple is not behind in the race of becoming the best car infotainment system. In the competition of Android Auto vs CarPlay, it is hard to choose which one is better since both of them have identical purposes although some functions are different. Let’s take a look at what you can expect for Apple CarPlay for the year 2022.

Your wireless prayers are answered

Apple CarPay has received many complaints about not being wireless and still having to connect your iPhone to your car. Finally, there is a solution to this – aftermarket systems. Brands like Sony, JVC, JBL, Alpine, Pioneer, and Kenwood have all introduced their versions of aftermarket systems which allow users to connect their phone with cars through wifi. These systems cost around $400 to $1400 depending on the model and functionalities.

Aftermarket CarPlay systems are pretty good but lack the original functionalities of Apple CarPlay such as the vehicle control functions at the steering wheel along with other locations. However, if you’re looking for a wireless connection between your phone and car, these aftermarket systems are your best alternative. Pioneer and Kenwood have been producing these for many years.

Third-Party CarPlay Apps

Apple CarPlay has third-party developers who make exciting apps, especially for CarPlay infotainment. All apps developed by these third-party developers are extensively audio-based and do not contain any visuals. If the visuals are added, it might distract the driver from the road and it would beat the whole purpose of having the road safety infotainment system in the first place.

Whichever content is selected, it is played through car speakers whether it is news, music, podcasts, etc. Another exciting feature of CarPlay is the ability to see the third-party apps that are installed on your phone directly on the CarPlay interface. All the apps supported by CarPlay will automatically show up on the interface and the user can choose them easily. For example, if Spotify is one of your most-loved apps and you use it frequently, the interface will show Spotify on it.

CarPlay Partners

Apple CarPlay has many partners already however, in 2022, the list will only get better. So far CarPlay offers more than 600 car models. The list includes big car giants such as Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Infiniti, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Nissan, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Fiat-Chrysler, Ford, GMC, Honda, Lincoln, and Kia.

This list continues to grow as more cars are supporting CarPlay. Further, semi-trucks are also joining the family since CarPlay support was introduced for all VNL series trucks that have CarPlay enabled. Further, Honda launched the first motorcycle which contains CarPlay Support – entering a new market altogether. Be sure to check the master list of Apple CarPlay vehicles which is regularly updated.

Wrapping Up

There you go!

We mentioned all upgrades from Android Auto vs CarPlay for a quick comparison between the two infotainment systems.

Both of these are front runners when it comes to entering a new market and dominating it from the start. So far, in 2022, Android Auto and CarPlay both have wireless connection options which greatly improve the overall experience. Since wires behind the wheel are not the best look. I hope this article informed you quite a bit about the two infotainment systems.

Good luck!

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04, Feb 2022

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