Best Educational Mobile app ideas for students in 2022

Almost every category in the app stores has been flooded with apps. With a market as saturated as the mobile app market, there is pretty little room for innovative ideas. As it turns out, there are still many categories that have room for improvement or room for innovation.

There’s no telling what the next big successful app might be. Currently, there are more than 5.5 million apps available to download as of 2022, the number keeps on increasing since there are hundreds of apps being published on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

No matter how much we decline, the fact is that mobile devices have changed the way we conduct our lives and the way we complete tasks. For better or for worse, mobile devices help us in many ways. In terms of efficiency, mobile apps are our best bet. We don’t need to do several things physically since we can do those things online with the help of mobile apps.

You can argue that mobile apps have made us lazy – even if that is true, in this fast-paced world, mobile apps are a necessity. No one has the time to stand in line waiting to pay for something, instead use a mobile app to finish the same task without waiting or any hassle.

In this article, we will talk about different app ideas for college students and how they can start their businesses from a young age. Let’s see why we need to provide these ideas in the first place – especially for students.

Why Develop an Educational App

When we use mobile apps, our time is saved for much more important things to which we can devote time. The impact of mobile apps or devices is a never-ending debate; however, mobile apps also provide an opportunity for people to start their businesses through the development of mobile apps.

Educational apps are great for students as they can help in studying. According to Statista, the above image shows that Educational apps are in demand. It is a good idea to invest in this category.

We will provide a list of the 12 best educational mobile apps for students that can be innovative and scale better in the long run.

Let’s Begin!

Best Educational App Ideas for Students

1. Teaching Apps

Students are always buried under the stress of school work and a lot of times, the quality of education received in school is not enough to clear concepts. Teaching apps are a good way for students to find coaching through mobile apps. To develop an educational app such as this, you need to provide a platform for tutors and students so tutors can teach students and students can learn from different tutors for different subjects. Getting a digital platform such as this would be hugely beneficial for both parties involved. Students can easily clear their concepts, prepare for exams better and revise their educational course through group discussions, online exams, and one on one video chat.

2. Apps for Good Causes

Among the list of education app ideas, we can include apps that are targeted at good causes such as an app for physically disabled children. Children who unfortunately have some physical disability always lack behind others when it comes to studies. If there is a comprehensive application that helps such children in getting a helping hand for their academic knowledge, they will be able to stand shoulder to should with other children. Students can get easy consultation from specialist teachers who can guide them for a better future in terms of academics. Also, having an app like this will eliminate the need for disabled kids to physically attend classes and go through trouble because of their disability.

3. Q/A Apps

Question and answer apps are really important for students. A lot of times, students can’t get the hang of what is being taught in class, or simply when students don’t pay enough attention in class, they tend to miss important information about the syllabus. App ideas for students must have benefits in terms of studying. Q/A apps are just what you need in these times when education has become a race and is getting more competitive every year.

An answer app can help students understand better and learn new information instead of just memorizing without any basic understanding. Further, you can also add past question papers for students to practice from. They can get an idea by looking at the past papers on what to expect for the exam.

4. Educational Games and Quiz Apps

Let’s face it, exams and quizzes are boring. Even when we were students, it was quite hard to take interest in studies unless the subject was captivating to us. So, app ideas for college students must have educational games and quiz apps that can keep students engaged. Introduce a points system or rewards for finishing the quiz. We need gamification in apps so that students can enjoy learning.

Fast and interactive learning is the key!

Since it is a pretty generic app idea, you can find some ways to make it unique so that your app can stand out in the App Stores.

5. Dictionary App

Many times we face words of which we don’t know the meanings. Normally, you would have to physically take out your dictionary and check the words that you want to learn. Most of the time, the dictionary is not instantly accessible or maybe requires a lot of effort – an app can change that. Without any hassle, you’ll be able to check words instantly directly from your phone. Such apps can help students, teachers, and other professionals and save their valuable time as well. You can scale this app better with more features and with improvement in the UI/UX.

6. Multi-language Learning Apps

Learning new languages is a skill which has benefit in the future for kids. There are some apps on the App Stores that allow students to learn and practice new languages easily. Such applications can be a good category to invest in because many students now learn another language to broaden their linguistic horizons and expand their knowledge. Learning a new language has proven cognitive benefits that cannot be ignored. Just find a way to make it interesting. As you develop the app, add extra features such as language translations, incorporate cue cards for quick revision of words learned, and a quiz to track progress.

7. Examination App

Among app ideas for students, developing an examination-based application is a good choice. Exam mobile apps can be a lucrative business because many students need such applications to help them revise their curriculum and also to get ahead of others. In terms of making money from the app, you can include in-app purchases and provide a premium account for those willing to get extra features that will help them even more. The app should be free to download and contain limited features for free version so that students can be tempted to buy the premium account to enjoy the full version of your exciting app.

8. Tracker App – School Busses

Tracker apps are also among the innovative app ideas for students. This application is aimed at parents rather than students because the tracker app can help parents locate their child’s school bus and keep an eye out for their child. The application can provide detailed information about the school bus, the children being picked, the exact location, and ETA. To make this idea feasible, you need the permission of the school administration and their support to provide this information for app users. Moreover, schools will appreciate this idea since it further improves students’ safety and security. There is no reason to decline an idea like this.

9. Progress Tracking Mobile App

Progress tracking mobile apps can be useful for students in terms of noting their progress and tracking the results for motivation. If you see your progress in application it means you’re improving. This can ultimately help you be more positive about your results and motivate you to keep studying harder. Through this app, parents will also have a clear view of their child’s progress and they can discuss it further with the teacher through the video calling option. Truly a viable app idea!

10. Student Community App

Student community app will help students voice their opinions or concerns through the right platform. With this app, students can interact with other students as well to find some useful tips or put requirements for things such as notebooks or tuition requirements. Without a doubt, it will prove to be an amazing platform for students.

11. Reading App (E-Books)

Physical books were great before, now everything is being digitized and e-books are no different. E-books have taken open the vast majority of the market of traditional paper-based books and mobile applications for this niche will be a fruitful idea for students. You can provide different e-books which are useful for students, their academic growth, and personal growth. To make it interesting, incorporate the audiobook option for students who like listening to books instead of reading them.

12. Audio Book Summary

Instead of reading books, sometimes we can enjoy listening to books as well and let the words create an accurate picture in our mind. Audiobooks are also similar to e-books since you can access them from your mobile phone. Apps dedicated to audiobooks will be good since students can listen to them while doing something else. It is effective and time-efficient.

There you go!

Hope this helps you in deciding which mobile application you can aim for and which idea excites you the most. If you’re looking for mobile app development, look no further! We can make exciting mobile apps according to your requirements.


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18, Feb 2022

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