Latest UI, UX Design Trends for Game Designers to Focus on in 2021

The entire world has been moving in a remote direction for the past few years. The virus just kicked it. 2020 was an unpredictable year as COVID swept the entire world, and without exception, every industry was affected by it in one way or another.

Have you ever visited a website and do not understand the products/services they are offering? Or you are unable to navigate the page? You must have closed the window and tried another one, right? If the information on the website is irrelevant and inessential, then why on earth would people want to visit your website?

If it has no purpose, it is unlikely to compete with a market full of purposeful websites. That only happens when the website does not have a strong user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). If you are one of many people that depend on the internet throughout your day-to-day operations, then you must understand how indispensable website design and usability are.

The feasibility and popularity of internet-based living are here to stay. The overall success of businesses relies on tech-savvy operations and useful websites. Companies that have mastery in these realms gain an enormous advantage over their competitors.

A well-constructed user interface and user experience escalate the conversion rates of websites and applications. There is a multitude of video games on the Play Store, App Store, and websites. Many of them are installed and played by users regularly. That is why gaming companies throughout the globe are putting efforts into the user interface of applications and other design aspects like branding, usability, and functioning.

There is an immense need for companies to understand the importance of game UI design. And that is an essential element of user experience. Over and above that, companies need to offer visually attractive, enthralling, and easy-to-use applications that give users a good and relevant experience. However, the UX and UI trends keep changing every year, and in return, something new and exciting comes.

More and more companies are looking for ways to integrate virtual reality and augmented reality into their digital products. If this new and updated virtual reality wave takes off, designers and developers will have better opportunities to compete in a market full of competitive products and services. Modern and updated design and interface tools focus on various pivotal aspects, such as:

• Fighting against routine

• Bridging the gap between designers and developers

• Creating comfortable work with designs and systems

• Remote and collaborative work

The above-mentioned trends in the game UI design ease the workflow of designers with the help of modern tools and technologies.

Tech-savvy Latest UI Trends

Artificial intelligence integration in-Game UI Design

Integration of artificial intelligence resolves a myriad of issues and challenges between developers and designers. The challenges usually arose from the comfortable deployment of design systems, remote working, and other causal factors.

However, artificial intelligence led the modern tools and technologies to new software versions that made the developer’s life easy and encouraged progression in their work. This technology gave mobile app developers the ease to work faster and better.

Usage of Scientific and Design-related Data

Scientific and design data allow the designers to build qualitative yet quantitative graphic designing concepts that are engaging and customized. Along with that, user testing and data analytics help in generating and creating strategies while working on research and theories. Various tools are used for the collection of data. However, the most common and latest ones are Google Analytics and Adobe Site Catalyst.

Generative design became one of the popular designs for producing data and information by leveraging machine learning algorithms. It is based on a plethora of design parameters, inputs, ideas, and experiences. And later, these data-driven devices were used for creating design interactions. As a result, quantitative decisions and designs were not restrained, and iterations were made to the design as more and more ideas came forward.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality implementation in Designing

Augmented reality and virtual reality have paved their way into art and design just like they have been doing in other industries. The pandemic period made people realize that technology was not for entertainment purposes only. There are millions of applications and games that are being created by using augmented reality and virtual reality.

There are interactive travel applications for interior design and museums. Then, there are informative mobile game UI design applications that showcase the 3-dimensional artwork and more.

There is also the fact that several companies want to merge and integrate augmented and virtual reality into their digital products. This will give designers the potential to come up with exciting new opportunities that have better potential to market the products and services.

Use of material Designing for Website and user Ui Gaming Applications

Many developers in various businesses have adopted a material design for websites and gaming applications. Through this unified and persistent experience, users across several platforms can implement the designs by being fascinating and design-specific. That works splendidly for topography, grids, colors, images, and whatnot. The documentation offers structure and support for the designers and developers. That is the best way through which people know how to implement the design and keep the brand aesthetic.

Developments in-game UX design game

According to the latest research and analysis, big technological and gaming companies invest in the user interface. Interaction with many voice user interfaces like Amazon and Siri are raking over the design space like never before.

Furthermore, user interface and user experience designs adopt the voice user interfaces that tend to show another aspect of time. Voice interface works with designing that enables the voice interaction between players and games without visual components. Below a shadow of any doubt, it is a great medium that improves the user experiences with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech.

Adoption of basic user interface designs

The minimalistic game user interface is trending for a lot of time now. Overcrowded designs become overwhelming for users. And that is why game UX design application developers are avoiding complexities and indulging in simplicities. To keep it as minimalistic as possible, designers and developers limit the number of colors and elements. This new trend works with keeping the gradients lighter. Also, that is illustrations specific for the minimalistic display.

The expedited digital environments of user interface and user experience are growing heavily into newer dynamics. Also, designers need to stay updated with relevant information and the latest gaming trends. The incursion of digital media gives a massive amount of information to designers and developers. By doing this, you can leverage the full potential of data. It helps them make a great user interface.

A well-constructed user interface can impress the users in the first encounter of users. This aspect decides whether the user stays on your website or leaves. The team of game UX design designers and developers are well-aware of the designing concepts and trends.

Storytelling with Triggered Animation

The ability to tell stories around a digital experience will continue to trend among the best. Typography itself has built a strong visual hierarchy. As a pivotal element of user interface experience, it plays a primary role in creating a phenomenal user experience. Text styling itself is not sufficient as copywriting has become one of the crucial elements for providing a great user experience.

It tends to hold its ground in the upcoming year. While the style captures the attention of users, the narrative engages them with a brand because it makes them feel they are a crucial part of the story. This keeps users from scanning through the content. So, never underestimate the power of UX writing.


Usability has become one of the crucial trends the same way pink became the new black once. You might have heard about Google’s announcement that by the end of 2021, they are planning to introduce three new user experience metrics for measuring a website like speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Collectively, they are known as core web vitals.

User experience audit is a proven method for identifying the usability of your product and improving its online performance. Also, you can learn usability testing to learn more about the motivations and needs. Besides pandemic, there could be no other reason why the UI has been shifted from intuitive to a user-friendly design. It is better to encourage people to create something unique if they want to show the brand. And if it stands out from the crowd, it will surely grab the attention of customers.

Glass morphism

You might remember seeing this style on old windows and iOS 7, but the glass effect seems to have made a comeback, and we will probably see more of it by the end of 2021. The glass morphism elements tend to remain eye candies on Dribble for various reasons.

However, nowadays, a glass-looking translucent element provides a well-defined hierarchy on the user interface. They tend to do this by mimicking the depth. That helps users differentiate between what is placed in front and back of the screen. Yet, it does not end up looking exceedingly overwhelming. Also, the new macOS update has implemented this style too.

3D – The Video Game UI Design rock star

3D has been in this world for a few years now but, 2021 will be its time to shine. However, we live in a technologically advanced world where rapid improvement of semiconductor production has made the lower-end devices powerful enough so they can tackle complex visuals in real-time. Hence animated 3D game user interface will not be a pain to utilize anymore.

In 2021, various animated elements like logos, illustrations, and texts will also thrive on different web pages. That helps users to distinguish several parts. To make it innovative yet enthralling, designers think outside the axis for creating the concepts. It could also open the doors for designing augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Way too many similar icons

We all have seen the primary transformations of logos and icons lately. However, a lot of people are not happy with this transformation. The video game UI design icons have different purposes.

Instead of gaining a fresh yet similar look, they are easily distinguishable from one another. A multitude of users is clicking and tapping on them many times in a day. They have the capability of detecting them in less than a second.

Low code and no-code platforms

Below a shadow of any doubt, low code and no code software have been thriving lately. These platforms either require a low amount of programming skills or no skills at all. There is no need for them to have extra industry knowledge.

Various visual editors allow to build and launch their websites. One of our designers uses Web Flow for building and creating new products. Copy folio is a personal website that makes it easy for copywriters to create their brands and boost their careers.

Instead of seeing the same template on various websites, it will make it easier for people to build unique and creative products in the upcoming future. UX/UI designers tend to work with creativity and innovation. While keeping up to date on the technologies and latest UI trends is crucial.

Generative Designing

Another potentially promising video game UI design trend is generative designing. That plays a crucial role in analyzing a wide array of similar data, finding the features and characteristics, and then creating new ones based on the provided data. In-game UI design, there are already millions of algorithm-driven design tools that can be chosen in more practical ways.

That helps in creating layouts and marketing materials. The designers and developers become the controller of the result of the neural network settings. However, the main goal of personalized game UI design is to increase the conversion rate of users.

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17, Aug 2021

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