How to Make Business Plan for Mobile App Startup

Success comes to every person in different ways. We all have to make our paths to be successful. There is just one thing that is common in everyone's journey; planning. There is no single method to achieve success. You have to work hard to get your share. You need to have a clear picture in your mind, and for that, you need an effective business plan. Let us look at the components of a business plan in detail.

The Rising Mobile App Development Market

The mobile app development market is becoming more lucrative every day. A business plan for an app startup is necessary for success. Revenues generated from mobile apps have reached 693 billion in 2021, and are projected to reach around 935.2 billion by 2023. In just two years, the revenue will increase by more than 300 billion.

Why Make a Mobile App Business Plan?

To turn your ideas into real actions and to attract investment, you need a solid business plan. To make a successful application business plan, you need to look at different aspects of the environment. A business plan for a mobile app will provide the necessary guidance required to be successful. It will define some key points and the steps you need to take for a successful mobile apps business model.

Parts of a Mobile App Startup Business Plan

There are several parts to a mobile app startup business plan. When starting your own company for developing mobile apps, you need to consider many things. Each of those parts is explained below in detail. They will be your guide for the application business plan. Remember, if you skip even one of these, your app development business plan will not succeed.

Executive Summary of App Development Business Plan

The executive summary of a business plan for a mobile app entails a brief description of all the things explained in detail in the document. It is mostly read by the managers and upper management when they need to review the business plan and get an idea about what is in it.

Problem Identification and Solution

Problem identification and its solution for an application business plan are necessary because a company without solving a problem, without a direction, without a sense of purpose will not go far enough in the long run. You need to identify a gap in the market that needs to be filled with a viable solution.

Unique Proposal

The proposal of your application business plan needs to be unique. It will distinguish your company and its purpose from others. Make a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to attract investors. They will invest capital in your business if they believe that your plan is realistic and unique.

Define Goals

You have to define the goals of your business. Without a set of goals, the company will not have a direction to follow, and without a direction, you cannot hope to achieve success. You need to set these goals carefully because investors will check if they meet their needs. Start with making larger goals, and then divide them into smaller parts to make everyday goals.

Business Description and USP

A business description in a mobile app business plan is required so that the investors can understand the company. By defining the business, you make a clear picture of the activities that your business will perform. It will keep you from side-tracking and going in another direction that does not serve the purpose for which you have established your business.

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the perceived benefits of your products or services. It is what the target audience believes they get from buying your services. It has to be unique so that your customers cannot get it from the competitors.

Company Overview

The company overview of your mobile app business plan will describe different aspects of your company in greater detail. Here you will define the vision of the company, the mission, the structure, history, your team, location, and the problem you intend to solve.

Vision Statement

The vision statement will define the broader aspect of the direction of your company. Without a vision, you cannot hope to move in a particular direction. It will give a purpose to the organization and will define the end goals. It should be simple, short, specific, and more importantly, leave nothing to interpretation.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of your mobile app business plan describes the overall intention and purpose of the organization concisely. It should support the vision and communicate the organization's direction and purpose to the stakeholders such as vendors, customers, and employees.

Business Structure

Business structure defines the type of company you are making and the hierarchy. For example, a business can be public limited, limited liability company (LLC), public limited, private limited, sole proprietorship, etc. It tells the stakeholders if the company has directors, CEO, COO, CFO, upper management, or if there is a single owner of the business.

Company History

The company's history gives background information about the business to the audience. It tells how and when the company was incorporated, who the founders are, where it started its operations, and what it did in the initial years, among other facts.

The Team

This section is important because, as a mobile app development company, your app of app developers is the heart of the business. Here you will specify the name, designation, experience, and responsibilities of employees, such as the CEO, CFO, COO, managers, developers, designers, etc.

Location of Company

It is necessary to give the initial location of the company. It tells the stakeholders about where the business is situated. A retail business cannot be successful if its location is far from the customers. A corporate office can be in an office building beside other businesses.


In this section, you need to define the problem you intend to solve in much more detail than you did previously. Explain everything in great detail, describe what the problem is and everything related to it. Do not leave any room for interpretation.

Market Analysis

Understanding the market is the key to a winning business plan. What is happening in the market, what new technologies are emerging, what the competitors are doing, what is in demand, and other queries related to the market are important to answer.

Market Size

You need to know the size of the market. It gives you an idea about the maximum demand for a product or service in the market. Now that you know the total size of your market, you can assess how much of that market is available for you. You can target a particular percentage of market share that you want to hold and work to achieve that.

Market Forecast

The market forecast tells you about the growth opportunities of the market. The more the market will grow, the more you can grow your business. With this knowledge, you can make your long-term goals and divide them into short-term goals that you can accomplish within days, weeks, or months.

Competitors’ Analysis

Do not underestimate or overestimate your competition. Analyze your competitors to see what strategy they have adopted. Sometimes, it gives you a clue about what you should do by identifying a gap they might have missed. You can work your way to fill that gap and provide your customers with a different set of solutions.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis gives you an overview of your internal and external environments. Externally, you will assess the market and identify threats and opportunities. Internally, you will define your strengths and weaknesses. Now you can work to reduce your weaknesses and leverage your strengths to grab opportunities while avoiding threats.

Customer Analysis

Define your target customers and then analyze them. What do my customers want? What are their needs? What problems are they facing? How can I solve them? By answering these questions, you will get a clear picture of what you need to do to attract them.

Marketing Strategy

Making a strong marketing strategy is of utmost importance as it will attract customers to give their projects to your company. You need to define your target market in detail, identify marketing channels that you will use, understand your competitors' marketing strategies, create lead magnets or landing pages, define key metrics, improve the rating of your apps, and think about product growth.

Research Target Market

To research the target market, first, you need to define it thoroughly. Define the demographics of your target market, the age groups you will target. Explain the habits of your customers, their online behaviors, lifestyle, etc.

Identify Channels to Acquire Customers

Acquiring customers is tricky, but you can overcome this challenge by selecting the right channels of marketing. Establish a Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) before anything else. Once you have that cost, you can select feasible marketing channels that are within that cost. For a mobile app development company, you need to have a website and social media presence.

Research Competitors

Look at your competitors to see the channels they are using. Be sure to use those channels if they benefit you as well. Find out their marketing strategy to see how they are acquiring customers. Keep a close eye on your competitors so that you can grab an opportunity in time as soon as you spot one.

Create LP

Creating a landing page (LP) is crucial because that is where your customers land first when they search for mobile app development companies in Google. It attracts customers by telling them about the company, its services, clients, and processes. It also has call-to-action (CTA) to lead the potential customers towards your company.

Key Metrics

Define the key metrics on which you will measure the growth of your business. You need to have them so that it is easy to assess if your business is growing. Choose the right metrics according to your business model.

App Rating

Since your business is about app development, you need to make sure that the app rating of your apps is high enough for customers to download. To improve the rating, you should add better features and have a user-friendly interface. Your goal should be to get on top of search results when someone looks for the apps you have developed.

Product Growth

Your products are the apps you create, and services include mobile app development. You need to grow your services to include anything that your customers might need along with app development. They can be but are not limited to app store optimization, business plan, and web development.


Now that you have completed all the previous tasks, it is time to manage the financial aspect of the business plan. You must know the exact kind of financial support that you need from investors. The investor should also understand the funding required from them by reading this part of the business plan.

Cost of Team

You need to decide the number of people you want in the team. You will need developers, designers, project managers, accountants, accounts managers, CEO, COO, CFO, and others, depending on the scale of your business. Add up the salaries of these people to see the cost of the team.

Required Funding

Additionally, you will need office space, equipment, furniture, etc., to run your operations smoothly. Besides these, you also have to pay utility bills and other operational costs. Keep your budget in mind. Subtract these costs from your capital, and you will have the additional funds that you require.

How to Start a Mobile App Business?

There is a lot of homework that you need to do before starting your mobile app development business. Remember to do your research. It is one of the most important things in making a business plan. Describe the business in detail, analyze the market thoroughly, make a marketing plan that will work for you, and finally, work on the financial aspect. Keeping everything in mind, you will make a successful business plan.

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29, Sep 2021

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