Integrating Chatbots with AI

Using machine knowledge for improved human computer contact.

Chatbot Inclusive Chatbot Platform

Chatbots enhance your customers base by reaching out to more people. It also helps solve your multiple queries at a time. Chatbots can be customized accordingly with the desired response nature and are also helpful in managing your clientele.

  • Natural Human Language

    Language pogresses from preceding chats

  • Multilingual Capabilities

    Multilingual chatbots for universal market

  • 24/7

    Assisting customers relentlessly

Cases Practice Cases of Chatbots

We are an expert chatbots designers, Specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Natural language Processing and Deep learning Technology.

Call Centers

Reduce Average Call Time With Deduced Replies

  • Billing assistant

  • Real-time query solver

  • Personal account management

  • Context driven replies


Automate chats to Reduce Costs & Enhance Efficiency

  • Social CRM

  • IT Ticketing bot

  • Sales assistant bot

  • Reception/Enquiry bot

  • Post-sales assistant bot


Immediate Symptom Diagnosis & Remedial Advice

  • Emergency response assistant

  • Doctor appointment bookings

  • Symptom diagnosis

  • Home remedy suggestions

  • Child/Elderly health


Heighten Engagement & Reader Engagement

  • Personalized news feeds

  • Sport, theatre, event

  • Ticket booking

  • Media search bot


Reduce Manual Errors & Costs For Service Delivery

  • Automatic bank balance tellers

  • Stock market movement

  • Personal finance bot

  • Legal assistance bot

Hospitality & Travel

Simplify Travel Planning & Live Info Seeking

  • Personal travel assistants

  • Reservation managers

  • City tour guides

  • Flight data teller

  • Taxi booking bots


Quicken Conversions & Improve Customer Service

  • Personalized product suggestions

  • Personal shopping assistant

  • FAQs/Returns/Deliveries tracking

  • Upselling & Cross Selling

  • Price alert bots


Reduce Manual Effort & Maximize Productivity

  • Store requisition

  • Logistics planners

  • Vendor enquiries

  • Shift managers

In-built Intelligence Chatbot’s inbuilt Intellectual Characteristics

Chatbot supports in producing new leads and converts your visitors into clients

  • Machine Learning

    Consolidating machine learning chatbots that become accustomed and replies to enquiries.

  • Customized Content Input

    Creating a specific tone to chatbot’s language with imitated input of the content.

  • Smart Ideas

    The chatbot can make proposals which can persuade customers to spend or buy more.

Innovative Messaging

Chatbot can do a lot more than just passing on data and discussion.

  • 01

    Cards & Tiles

    Reply to a query by displaying users’ cards and tiles, regarding pictures, links and shortcuts.

  • 02

    Transferring Files

    For better understanding send and receive files, images or links.

  • 03

    Tap For Shortcuts

    For frequent users’ actions doubling up the buttons as shortcuts.

Overall Flexibility

The utmost flexible choice for controlling and improving the performance of chatbot to suit business preferences.

  • 01

    No App or Web Required

    Chatbot can be deployed as an inbuilt feature on app, messenger and website

  • 02

    Constant Improvisations

    Chatbots can be enhanced to assist responses based on user’s configuration

  • 03

    Manual Interference

    Determine when your chatbot should pop in or let the conversation be taken control by a person

Words from our clients We take pride in bringing original application designs and engaging involvements to clients universally.

  • By far the best app development company i've worked with!

    Even though I am sure mine was a relatively small job for APPSTIRR, I felt they took their job just as seriously. Personalized attention and reliability are attributes I appreciate highly and APPSTIRR did not disappoint!

    • Dr. Farrin Manian

      Pearl For Peers

  • It's really been an amazing experience working with "APPSTIRR"!

    I had asked APPSTIRR to create a mobile game application for iOS and Android platforms. Their team was professional throughout the entire app development process. The team completed the project on time as well.

    • Casey Stewart

      CEO, Kyptcorp

  • By far the best app development company i've worked with!

    APPSTIRR went above and beyond my expectations.. I was referred to them by one of my ex colleagues who had gotten a simple app made by them. I engaged them to make a mobile application for my clients to use (we have more than 1,200), and they did a fantastic job! There were some minor issues, however I'd still give them 5 stars because they rectified them asap and didn't even charge me extra money for it! Great job Frank!

    • A. Rodriguez

      Marketing Manager

  • It's really been an amazing experience working with "APPSTIRR"!

    People at APPSTIRR are great to work with. They developed a user-centric mobile application that increased my sales and customer turnover tremendously. It was great working with their team. The entire process was handled professionally by them.

    • Patricia M. Shepherd

      Marketing Manager

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