Switch Poker

Switch Poker is a mobile game app that allows users to play poker with each other and compete in different rounds until a player wins the match. The players can compete with their friends and play with anyone across the world. The gameplay is challenging and exciting to keep the players hooked.

APPSTIRR initiated the app development for iOS & Android platforms and provided additional features such as timed rounds, public games, private games, and global player rankings.

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Hockey Now

Hockey Now is a mobile application that provides a platform to schedule the matches beforehand at a venue. The application allows users to view their opponents’ teams as well. It also has the added feature of purchasing coins and using them to pay for the game itself.

Our developers went ahead with the task and created an all-rounder application that lets users register their profiles and create or join teams.

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Song Match

Songmatch is a dating application for people of all ages. It is different from other dating apps because it uses your interest in music to connect you with a partner. It registers a user's preferences in music and matches them with the interests of other users to find someone with common music interests.

It was challenging to develop this particular app because of the requirements of the client. Finally, our developers were able to overcome all the problems and delivered the app.

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Odonta is an app for dental practitioners. They can communicate with each other and buy or sell dental equipment. The buyers and sellers both would be related to the field of dentistry so they can trust the quality of the equipment.

APPSTIRR designed the app with special emphasis on the interactive functionality of the app. We provided the client with additional features.

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Communitter is an app that brings service providers and consumers together on a single platform. Consumers looking for service providers such as carpenter, electrician, cleaning and maid service, plumber, painter, architect, an engineer, tile and stone, fences, etc. Service providers can register their services and offer them to the consumers.

We designed and developed the app with additional features such as adding your garage sale for others to see.

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Al-Hersh allows users to purchase grocery items from the mobile application and have them delivered to their doorstep. It offers one of a kind online farmers market for fresh fruits and vegetables. The app also has an online payment feature for the convenience of the users.

We designed a user-friendly dashboard for the client to review the analytics reports and maintain the application.

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Blue Collar Capital

Blue Collar Capital is a mobile application that enables users to apply for loans and also look for investment opportunities. Further, users can also manage their installment plans and request a change in the payment plan. The application is designed and developed by APPSTIRR keeping the app flow smooth and user-engaging.

Our team of developers adhered to the most optimum coding standards why developing this app. We tested the app thoroughly for any possible flaws before deploying it.

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Qatar Trip Generation

We developed this mobile application for the State of Qatar. Qatar Trip Generation is a mobile app that allows users to calculate accurate trip generation and parking rates. Users can now effectively plan, design, manage, and review their development projects without relying on incorrect data. All rates are calculated based on real-time data.

APPSTIRR developed a user-friendly mobile application for iOS and Android platforms and integrated it with their existing database.

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Real Rocky Estate

Real Rocky Estate was an already established brand. APPSTIRR rebranded the website completely to increase user engagement and allow users to find their dream homes easily through effective navigation and UI. The website navigation is divided into two sections – rent and sale. Here, you can find property for rent and sale according to your preferences.

APPSTIRR successfully rebranded Rocky Real Estate’s website. Our quality assurance team ensured everything was in order before the website was deployed.

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Sprocket Green

Sprocket Green helps users to track their devices’ carbon emissions through an in-built calculator. To make this application exciting, we created a flawless app with an engaging UI. The application has a donation feature through which users will be able to donate a certain amount for a project being developed to curb the effects of climate change.

APPSTIRR developed the Sprocket Green app and integrated some extra features such as literature and donation to enhance user experience.

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Frank was fantastic to work with. He was on point with everything and helpful throughout the entire process. He worked with me going back and forth with his team fixing every little detail.

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Even though I am sure mine was a relatively small job for APPSTIRR, I felt they took their job just as seriously. Personalized attention and reliability are attributes I appreciate and APPSTIRR did not disappoint!

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