Industry Overview

Industry experts have predicted that by 2025 the education market size will be worth USD 1949.99 billion. The worth of the education market was USD 1411.03 billion in 2018. It will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% till 2025.

Digital books are available in different languages and can be easily translated and retrieved by a wider user base. In addition, learners, especially with physical disabilities, can listen to the educational content in an audio format to improve their vocabulary and encourage better interpretive reading.

Institutions in the education industry need to adopt more technological solutions, such as our mobile apps, to improve access to education. More learners are inclined to shift towards eBooks, as it is far easier to get access and start learning from anywhere in the world.

What We Offer

APPSTIRR’s mobile app development and digital solutions help educational institutions by protecting the data assets and meeting the ever-increasing requirement of the industry. In the last decade, there has been a drastic transformation in the education industry.

The students are becoming more decisive and central to the education system. As a result, the education institutions are also making efforts to deliver market-ready skills and experience-rich lifelong learning.

We have the necessary skills and expertise to help institutions in the education industry by creating an effective digital transformation for meeting high-quality educational standards in a cost-effective manner. Our services help educational institutions in several aspects, such as administration operations, curriculum management, and academic research.

How We Deliver

We design our apps from inception to be user-friendly, functional and work seamlessly across platforms with an intuitive UI/UX.

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Industries We Served

We are industry experts in providing the most accurate technological solutions to businesses in various industries. We cater to the technology needs of our clients through a range of industries spread across continents. Our extensive experience in delivering mobile app development services has given us the opportunity to work with brands on key industry issues and build efficient industry through smart solutions.

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I had asked APPSTIRR to create a mobile game application for iOS and Android platforms. Their team was professional throughout the entire mobile application development process.

Casey StewartSwitch Poker

There was one person who was the contact the whole project that made communication easy. APPSTIRR designed and developed an application that helps organize pick-up hockey game.

Dr. Thomas MiskavigeHockey Now

Frank was fantastic to work with. He was on point with everything and helpful throughout the entire process. He worked with me going back and forth with his team fixing every little detail.

Daniel WeinerBlue Collar

Even though I am sure mine was a relatively small job for APPSTIRR, I felt they took their job just as seriously. Personalized attention and reliability are attributes I appreciate and APPSTIRR did not disappoint!

Dr. Farrin ManianPearl 4 Peers


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